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ICE raids sweep nation, deportations begin; immigrants and libs freak out – prepare for all out war

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Illegal immigrants are frightened now that they realize the law is being enforced.

This week an illegal alien in Arizona, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, who has two children and a deportation order from the President Obama administration dating back to 2013, was sent back to her native Mexico, from where she snuck in 21 years ago.

“It’s fair to say we’re all extremely troubled by the deportation action we saw take place yesterday in Arizona,” president of the National Council of La Raza, Janet Murguia, told The Hill.

“The first deportation [after] his executive order is of a working mom with two U.S. kids,” she said, not mentioning the fact that Garcia de Rayos was convicted of felony identity theft in 2008.

Adding to the fear, this week Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted raids in, at least, six cities across the United States and made hundreds of apprehensions, the Washington Post reported.

The raids focused on illegal aliens with criminal records, but some who did not have records got caught up in the sweep as well.

Although some might argue that the fact that they broke immigration laws automatically makes them criminals.

ICE officials confirmed to the Post that it did conduct what it called, “Targeted enforcement actions” that it said were “routine” in the Los Angeles area, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and North and South Carolina.

“This is clearly the first wave of attacks under the Trump administration, and we know this isn’t going to be the only one,” executive director of United We Dream, Cristina Jimenez, said on a conference call with immigration activists.

Despite the fact that the raids are targeting criminals, social media went wild with criticism of immigration laws actually being enforced.

But there were many who welcomed the fact that the president is keeping his promise to act on illegal immigration.

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