Lone Trump supporter viciously attacked on Berkeley campus day after violent riots, 2 thugs arrested

Less than 24 hours after liberals and anarchists wrought massive unrest and destruction on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley two men jumped and beat a student wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” hat while he was walking to class on the campus.

Student Jack Palkovic, 21, was attacked on February 3, the day after liberals rioted to prevent a conservative speaker from appearing on campus, according to The Daily Mail.

The student was wearing his Trump campaign hat when two men approached him, began berating him, grabbed at his hat, and then started punching him.

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“I was standing at the entrance to the plaza and I was wearing the Trump hat,” the victim told the Bay Area’s local NBC affiliate.

“Two men that were driving north down Telegraph [Avenue] and were turning left onto Bancroft saw me wearing the hat and they parked their car in the middle of the intersection and proceeded to get out and immediately walk towards me and attempt to steal my hat,” Palkovic added.

Video taken by a bystander clearly shows the incident and also shows the arrest.

“I’m gonna be careful where I wear it, but I’ll wear the hat on campus and I’ll continue to make my views known,” Palkovice concluded.

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Strangely, in this case a journalist actually helped capture the assailants when an Associated Press reporter saw the attack and moved to block the fleeing men long enough for officers to arrive and arrest them.


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