The left turns gorgeous Ivanka photo into a ‘let them eat cake’ hit job, we caught something more cheeky

Ivanka Trump was roasted by leftists on social media after she shared a beautiful picture of herself and her husband, Jared Kushner, on Saturday.

The commenters were angered by the fact that her father, President Donald Trump, issued an executive order that put a halt on immigration from certain majority Muslim nations.

Surprise! Iraqi translator detained at airport is a Trump fan

The couple looked jubilant in the picture. Particularly Kushner, whose hand found its way to a … comfortable spot. Watch out for mirrors next time, but go Jared!

The pair were on their way to the annual Alfalfa Club dinner but the “tolerant” and “accepting” leftists mocked, ridiculed and chastised the first daughter.

What happened to the Secret Service agent who said she won’t take a bullet for Trump? Brace yourself

Thousands? The number of detained individuals is around 100.

If by burns you mean gets fixed.

Yes, but if everyone thought about the response they’d get by the unhinged left before they wrote on social media there’d be no social media.

White supremacy is now the reason for tweeting a picture? The bar has been severely lowered.

By enforcing the law?

You, sir, are suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Yes. Many of those protesters are revolting.

And you are incorrect. The majority of Americans support the ban.

Travel Ban Poll

It is astounding that people can be that triggered by a photo.

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Carmine Sabia


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