‘Unabashed propaganda.’ TIME magazine sinks to new low with tribute to Women’s March ‘movement’

Looks like TIME magazine really has sunk to a new low by emblazoning its cover with a photo of a pink “pussy hat” to illustrate its coverage of the women’s march.

TIME is calling the women’s march a “movement” despite that there is no evidence yet that it will become such a thing, but it really is quite something that the magazine put on its cover a photo of a hat that references a woman’s vagina.


For generations women have insisted that they are more than just their vagina, yet now a whole “movement” is being based on the idea that they are little else but their vagina.

Twitchy had it right to wonder just what all these women were protesting, too.

“They have no idea what they’re resisting,” Twitchy noted, “honestly we’d have more respect for the so-called movement if they just called it what it really is, a bunch of spoiled babies who didn’t get their way in the 2016 election.”

Naturally folks on Twitter had something to say about all this:





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