‘Screw our president’ goes viral when 10-year-old future arsonist forgets Obama’s still our president!

Protesters gathered outside the DeploraBall held in Washington, D.C’s National Press Building included a 10-year-old kid named Connor who proudly took credit for lighting a fire in the street.

Screw our president” was his defiant cry, apparently oblivious to the fact that Barack Obama was still the chief executive of the United States.

The protest happened during Thursday’s telecast of Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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Fox News Channel’s Griff Jenkins interviewed the boy after the fire was extinguished.

It didn’t take long before “Screw Our President” took over the Twitterverse.

Given all the clamoring by far left loons to take over the reins of the Democratic National Committee, one saw Connor’s future.

Finally one summoned his inner Billy Joel with this comment.



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