Senator calls for peace, classy Keith Olbermann promptly responds by telling him to go ‘F’ himself

Is anyone more unhinged than GQ correspondent Keith Olbermann since the election of Donald Trump?

Yes, a case can be made for Rosie O’Donnell who called for, among other things, martial law to prevent Trump from being inaugurated.

Or Chelsea Handler who blamed Trump for North Korea’s nuclear weapons.

But it has been Olbermann who has made one unhinged video after another claiming that Russia has taken over the United States government, and threatening the president-elect telling him “we will get you.”

Now he is incensed that Sen. Ben Sasse asked Rep. John Lewis to attend Trump’s inauguration in a show of American solidarity.

Olbermann’s response to that tweet of peace was to tell Sasse to “f**k himself.”

Sasse’s tweet came after Lewis said he didn’t consider Trump a legitimate president-elect, and after Trump fired back telling Lewis to fix his crime ridden district.

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Carmine Sabia


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