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Chelsea Handler’s TICKED Trump hasn’t acted on N. Korean nukes, then SHE gets nuked by reality

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Chelsea Handler was forced to eat some humble pie Thursday when she tweeted about Donald Trump not handling a North Korean threat.

The star of “Chelsea” on Netflix said the president-elect was tweeting about L.L. Bean when  a report was released claiming North Korea now has “enough plutonium to make 10 nukes.”

Apparently she doesn’t know who the president has been for the past eight years while North Korea built this arsenal.

Social media was quick to remind her.

Conservative investigative reporter Michlle Malkin couldn’t resist taking a shot either. And who could blame her?

michelle malkin tweet

Rosie O’Donnell was probably jealous of all the attention so while arguing with someone online she added her idea on what to do to delay Trump’s Inauguration…insert a random GOP senator into the presidential office while Trump is investigated.

Brilliant! Or not…

You know that part of the Constitution that says you can pick a senator at random to be president? Ugh.

But for Rosie, this was nothing. On Thursday she demanded martial law to stop Trump.

It might be time to seek professional help.

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