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Watch comedian Steven Crowder get a Christmas waterboarding from an Army Ranger… no, REALLY!

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For the grand finale of his Christmas special, comedian Steven Crowder agreed to be waterboarded by a member of the U.S. Army Rangers. What a kooky Christmas gift to his viewers!

During his nearly two-hour special, Crowder welcomed guests such as Michelle Malkin and Ben Shapiro and much mirth and hilarity was had by all. But throughout the show he promised that at the end he would allow himself to be waterboarded, Louder with Crowder  reported.

Sure enough, as the end of the show came near, Crowder laid down on an inclined plank, had his hands duct tapped together, and had special forces Army Ranger Tim Kennedy perform the same sort of procedure that has been known to be used against terror suspects to get them to talk.

Kennedy first asked Crowder if he voted for Hillary. Crowder laughed and tried to say “you’re going to waterboard me to get me to admit I voted for Hillary,” but Kennedy poured a single coffee mug full of water onto Crowder’s towel-covered face.

Sputtering, Crowder wasn’t without humor and he immediately admitted he voted for Hillary AND Ross Perot!

But Kennedy wasn’t done. There was more….


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