NBA star ejected for spitting mouthpiece, announcers compare him to Jesus who ‘died on the cross’ in nutty call

Sacramento Kings star DeMarcus Cousins had a career night against the Portland Trailblazers on Tuesday, scoring 55 points in the 126-121 win in front of an excited home crowd made even more raucous by some late-game drama.

Scoring his 54th point on an in-your-face inside lay-in against center Mason Plumlee, Cousins then had a few choice words for the Trailblazers bench.

Except, in the heat of the moment Cousins’ mouthpiece came flying out towards the bench while he was talking. The refs, originally thinking the act was intentional, hit the Kings star up for his second technical foul of the game.

This would have resulted in the player’s ejection, and indeed Cousins had made it all the way to the locker room when the referees reversed the decision after speaking with Kings coach Terry Stotts.

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“From my vantage point, I thought that he taunted our bench and as he was taunting, the mouthpiece flew out,” Stotts told ESPN. “The referee asked me if it was his mouthpiece and I said that it was. Then he asked me if he threw it, then I said no he didn’t, and that’s why he came back. Whether it was intentionally spitting it out or not, I don’t know the intention.”

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When the referees reversed the call and brought Cousins back, announcers compared the situation to Jesus, or Lazarus, or something. “The guy died on the cross and resurrected from the grave. What’s happened?” To which the other announcer replied, “Lazarus. Lazarus reborn.”

The hot-tempered Cousins later told reporters, “It’s ridiculous. It’s obvious what’s being done out there. It’s on a nightly basis. I hope the world can see what’s going on out here, because it’s getting ridiculous. It’s really ridiculous.”

Cousins tempered his comments after watching the replay, telling reporters, “I can see why people could be mad. I was just talking to the bench and it came out. No intent. I would never spit on anybody. I’m not like that.”

Not everyone agreed with the Kings star’s “resurrection.”

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