Joy Reid clashes with N. Carolina GOP head after she starts spewing: ‘Is there ever going to be a question?’

joy1An MSNBC panel blew up in a heated back and forth over the North Carolina gubernatorial election.

Joy Reid, the liberal host of “AM Joy,” invited Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director of the North Carolina GOP, on her show to discuss the recent moves by outgoing Gov. Pat McRory and the Republican legislature to limit the powers of the incoming Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper.

But Reid tried to prevent Woodhouse from showing her and the audience that the state has a long history of the same thing being done by Democrat governors on their way out of office.

Woodhouse countered every one of Reid’s points, citing specific examples of when Democrats have done the same, but Reid continued to filibuster and even scolded Woodhouse, declaring, ” I didn’t ask you a question.”

And she was correct. She didn’t ask him a question. She just continued to pummel her guests with a barrage of talking points straight from the Democrat playbook.

“Is there ever going to be a question?” Woodhouse eventually asked in frustration as he fended off the two pronged ambush by Reid and her other guest, Dem. State Rep. Larry Hall.

Watch the contentious interview below.

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Carmine Sabia


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