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‘Star Trek’ super-Dem didn’t get the memo! Embarrassingly demands his Party filibuster Trump nominees

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Radical left-wing activist and one-time actor George Takei — Sulu of Star Trek fame — is at it again, spewing political advice without the slightest clue what he’s talking about. This time Takei is urging Democrats to filibuster Trump’s cabinet nominees even though they actually can’t.

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The actor, now more famous for his hate-filled tweets than anything else, publicly demanded that Democrats should begin blocking Trump’s nominees using the venerable filibuster rule, according to the Daily Caller.

“Dear Democrats: You had better be prepared to filibuster folks like Mattis, Flynn and Sessions,” Takei tweeted on December 8. “We are counting on you to hold your ground.”

Unfortunately for Takei, when his beloved Democrats ran the Senate, they eliminated the very filibuster rule he wants them to use. Apparently, Takei didn’t get the memo.

As it happens, now retired Senate Democrat leader Harry Reid dumped the filibuster back in 2013 to make it easier to get Obama’s appointees passed through the upper chamber.

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Naturally, as soon as he began taking heat for his misinformed blather, the 79-year-old actor deleted his tweet, but not before actor Adam Baldwin took a screen shot of it.

Oh, myyyyyy!


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