MSNBC’s Mika outs Team Clinton, says NBC got retaliatory call for her election coverage

Even MSNBC didn’t live up to the standards of bias Hillary Clinton and her team set forth for the media.

“Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski landed a bombshell on Thursday, telling viewers that Team Clinton had taken action to get her pulled from the air for, get this … telling the truth!

Before Election Day, Brzezinski had dared to go where few journalists would, and warned viewers that there was a possibility Hillary might not win.


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“I was concerned the campaign was not understanding that perhaps there was an arrogance, they needed to get off their high horse and understand that this isn’t over,” Brzezinski said.

“I’ll just say it. NBC got a call from the campaign. Like I had done something that was journalistically inappropriate or something and needed to be pulled off the air,” she said. “I mean, think about that.”

“That’s just shooting the wrong messenger,” she continued.

Host Joe Scarborough interjected and said that others who tried to warn the Clinton team were summarily pushed aside.

“There were also people surrounding the campaign that tried to tell the campaign it was in trouble,” he said. “Those people were shut out.”

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As Clinton and the Democrats push for the government to get involved in stopping “fake news,” something that would spit in the face of the First Amendment, perhaps they ought to look in the mirror at the fake news they promoted about Donald Trump having no chance to win.

And here is just one more glaring example that spawned from the crooked Hillary campaign.

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