Jenna Jameson’s ‘massive crush’ on ‘badass’ world leader sparks feud with KKK’s David Duke

Retired adult film star Jenna Jameson revealed that she has a “massive crush” on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Sunday afternoon.


And why shouldn’t she? She’s smart, savvy and conservative, and Netanyahu is everything President Obama is not — a strong leader whose main focus is on his own country and its people.

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Jameson, who converted to Judaism last year, saw those same qualities in President-elect Donald Trump. She tweeted:

When she was asked if she had a list of Israeli politicians she liked after Netanyahu, she said nope — just the one!

When another user responded that the Israeli leader was “hot,” and thought it was probably his voice, Jameson replied that it was something more than that — he’s a “badass” and his wife is a lucky woman.

Former Ku Klux Klan imperial wizard and white nationalist David Duke appeared to take exception to Jameson’s “massive crush” and tweeted:

WARNING: Explicit content in tweets

Duke should have stayed in bed that afternoon. Other Twitter users pounced and were unrelenting, even taking aim at Duke’s manhood.

Photo credit Pacific Coast News via Zimbio.
Photo credit Pacific Coast News via Zimbio.

Another user turned the “massive crush” tables around to Duke:

But in the end, it was Jameson who had the final word.

And the winner is: Jenna Jameson by a mile.

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