Reince Priebus answers the big Cuba reversal question: ‘Trump has been pretty clear . . .’

When President Obama leaves office he will quickly learn that going around Congress to institute executive orders wasn’t the best long-term strategy, and his policy with Cuba is likely to be one of the first to fall.

Reince Priebus, who will serve as chief of staff for the Donald Trump administration, said Sunday that President-elect Donald Trump will reverse Obama’s 2014 Cuba deal when he takes office if the communist regime doesn’t meet his demands.

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“President-elect Trump has been pretty clear,” Priebus said on “Fox News Sunday.” “We’ve got to have a better deal.”

Priebus said the incoming president is not adverse to talking with Cuba but the deal must be improved if the new relationship between the two nations is to remain the same.

“We’re not going to have a unilateral deal coming from Cuba back to the United States without some changes in their government,” he said.

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Priebus said the Cuban regime’s policies towards political prisoners, religious freedom, etc … “need to change in order to have open and free relationships, and that’s what President-elect Trump believes.”

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His words follow President Obama and President-elect Trump’s statements following the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro that couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed.

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