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Megyn Kelly’s whopping ‘untold’ claims about Donald Trump in new book include an ‘attempt to buy her off’

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly claimed in her new book that President-elect Donald Trump attempted to influence her coverage of him during the campaign by offering her gifts.

She asserted the claim in the book, “Settle for More,” scheduled for release later this week, according to The Associated Press.

Kelly, who is the host of “The Kelly File,” added that she wasn’t the only person on the network to receive these offers.

“This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign: I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage,” Kelly said.

She also said that Trump used praise to try to influence journalists, and added that “This is smart, because the media is full of people whose egos need stroking.”

And sometimes it worked.

“Trump tried to work the refs, and some of the refs responded,” she said.

The AP reported:

When it became obvious that some reporters were “in the tank” for Trump, she alleges in one chapter, “certain TV hosts” would work with the candidate in advance on occasional Trump criticism so they would appear unbiased. She didn’t identify them by name or media outlet.

Resisting Trump’s attempts to buy her goodwill with an offer to comp her “girls’ weekend” stay at his downtown New York City hotel or fly her and her husband to visit his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida was an easy ethical decision, Kelly wrote.


Kelly claimed that she later became aware that Trump may have been fed information in advance of the first Republican presidential primary debate last August, where she questioned him about remarks he’d made in the past about women.

She wrote that the day before the debate, an agitated Trump told Fox News executive Bill Sammon in a phone call that he was aware that Kelly’s first question as debate co-moderator would be a negative one directed at him.

“‘How could he know that?’ I wondered,” Kelly wrote.

She added that her co-moderators on the debate team — “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier and “Fox News Sunday” host” Chris Wallace — had nothing to do with leaking the information to him.

In a rancorous interview late last month, Trump supporter Newt Gingrich accused Kelly of being “obsessed with sex” after she repeatedly accused him of being a “sexual predator.”

“You wanna go back through the tapes of your show recently?” Gingrich said. “You are fascinated with sex and you don’t care about public policy!”

Kelly’s book, “Settle for More,” will be on bookshelves Tuesday.

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