Krauthammer: DC liberal elites ignored working class, Reagan Democrats at their own peril

One Fox News commentator hit the nail on the head with his assessment of why Donald Trump won the election.

Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer said Trump won because he was the only candidate speaking directly to the Reagan Democrats who swung the election.

Appearing on the Fox News show “Special Report with Bret Baier,” the syndicated columnist and analyst noted that Washington has been ignoring the pain felt by the wide middle class, especially those who have for decades voted Democrat but took time out of that record to vote for Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, according to Fox Insider.

“What Donald Trump did was historic…amazing and he deserves all the credit for it,” Krauthammer, a Trump critic, admitted before going on to mention the Reagan Democrats.

Trump, Krauthammer said, garnered the vote of “the Reagan Democrats — the old white working class that Reagan had corralled [which] had gone away, and nobody was listening to them…. that’s how he won.”

Krauthammer also noted that Hillary deserves a large share of blame for Trump’s win, too, because she was, “probably the worst candidate possibly one could imagine.”

The commentator also pointed out that even Republican critics were wrong when they insisted that a Trump candidacy would hurt Republicans down ticket. With Republicans picking up governorships and still holding the House and the Senate, that was obviously untrue.

Finally, Krauthammer noted that Obama is at fault, too, because he was a terrible president, a “wrecking ball” whose 8 years of bad polices dragged Hillary and the Democrats down to defeat.

Of Obama, the commentator said, “I think he ends up a historic parenthesis. He has left the Democrats in ruins at every level.”


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