PETA wants you to feel REALLY BAD about COW RAPE: ‘No mother should have to go through any of this’

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If it’s a PETA campaign, you can bet it’s going to be pretty insane. The extreme animal rights group’s latest video just might be the winner, at least until they manage to top it with something else.

The spot starts off on a sympathetic note, with various women talking about their feelings after presumably having been raped, but then comes the twist, and oh what a twist it was. Turns out, the women are actually speaking about something like “you, only different.”

Turns out, they were actually talking about that steak you had last night.

You know, because the “forcible artificial insemination” of … cows … is actually pretty much like a man assaulting and raping a woman.

Just … wow …

Trump fans scream FOUL as DirecTV’s Fox News channel blacks out 2 days in a row

Needless to say, Twitter wasn’t pleased.

Hillary Clinton’s niece comes out for TRUMP because ‘selfish’ aunt wants to win for all the wrong reasons

Instead of apologizing and pulling the ad, PETA is doubling down. Check out this response to the first tweet above:

Hillary gets slap in the face from fans after Jay Z and Beyonce show; Trump brags with good reason!

I think I’m going to have to have a burger tonight just to wash this out of my system!

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