Oof! Hillary slammed for forgetting where she is on campaign trail AND who she’s campaigning for

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton isn’t likely to hold on to the narrow lead she enjoys in North Carolina much longer if she doesn’t know what local politician she’s supposed to be promoting.

And it also doesn’t help when she keeps calling Winterville, home of Pitt Community College where she spoke Thursday, Greenville.

All of which left her sounding bewitched, bothered and bewildered — but what else is new?

During her campaign stop in Winterville, Clinton asked her supporters if they were “ready to elect Ray Cooper your governor.”

Clip via GOP War Room

There’s only one problem. No one by the name of “Ray” cooper is running. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper is, however.

And she also seemed to forget the venue of her campaign stop.

No one corrected the former secretary of State, so she went right on calling it Greenville instead of Winterville. Although, Winterville is a part of the Greenville greater Metropolitan Area, it’s still an independent entity.

The audience was amused, confused and sometimes felt abused — and took to social media to express their feelings.

Longtime senior aide Huma Abedin once sent an email advising colleagues that Clinton is “often confused.”

Then again, maybe it’s not so much confusion as it is her belief that the world centers around her.

Whatever the reason, she’s not likely to win any new supporters by forgetting where she is or who she’s endorsing.

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