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McCain being McCain: ‘I don’t know’ if Trump’s Supreme Court picks would be better than Hillary’s

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Employing that tiresome illogical #NeverTrump thinking, Arizona Senator John McCain just said he doesn’t think a President Donald Trump will be any better than a President Hillary Clinton on Supreme Court Justice picks.

McCain made this guffaw-inducing comment to a Philadelphia radio station on Monday when asked what sort of SCOTUS candidates Trump would put forth if he won the White House, according to Mediaite.

In response, the Arizona Senator said, “I don’t know, because I hear him saying a lot of different things.”

This is an interesting claim in light of the list of conservative candidates Trump has already put forth as possible SCOTUS nominees. In fact, the list was created with the help of conservative activist groups such as the Heritage Foundation, so it is obvious that Trump is open to conservative candidates for the bench.

On the other hand, we know for a 100 percent positive fact that Hillary will pick only the most outlandishly left-wing judicial nominees.

If Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, McCain and his fellow Republicans will have no real say at all in the sort of candidates Hillary will pick for the courts.

Yes, the Senate has the role of consent, but in the past most Republican Senators have just rolled over for the bulk of candidates any president puts forth for the courts. Sure there are some cases where a fight occurs over a judicial nominee, but for the most part the senate just rubber stamps a president’s candidates.

In the same interview, McCain addressed Hillary’s likely candidates saying, “we will… be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton if she were president would put up.”

But only hours after the interview, McCain’s noodle spine bent and he walked back that strong statement about blocking Hillary’s judges by having his staff say he didn’t really mean it.

So, what we are left with is a Republican Senator who thinks having a Democrat president who he can’t influence on judges is better than having Trump who has already shown can be swayed toward conservative judges. Nice thinking, John.


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