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Tim Kaine was asked straight up if he thinks Hillary is ‘trustworthy.’ Here’s how that answer went…

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Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy? Of all the questions that make Clinton surrogates squirm, and there are at least a couple hundred, this one has to be at or near the top of the list.

Thursday on The View, Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine did more than a little squirming of his own when host Jedediah Bila brought up the issue of trust in the context of recent WikiLeaks releases that have forced his boss to admit to having a “public and private persona when talking about issues,” as well as the contention “that she may have gotten debate questions ahead of time.”

Bila asked the Virginia senator what he would say to voters who doubt Hillary can be trusted.

Kaine, as expected (because he probably didn’t want to burst into flames), did a double-dodge-dip by first attacking the veracity of the WiliLeaks releases as the Russkies trying to “destabilize an election.” According to the Senator, “So anybody that would hack to try to destabilize an election, you can’t automatically assume that everything in all of these documents are even real.”

Next, Kaine deftly dodged the question by pointing to Hillary’s healthcare work while her husband was president.

After failing at passing Hillarycare, Kaine explained what Clinton did next. “She said: ‘Can I get health insurance for every low-income kid if I can’t get it for everybody?’ And working together with Democrats and Republicans, she did. That tells you something about who she is.”

Trump has hammered the trust issue more than any other, even saying during the last debate that he’d appoint a special prosecutor to look into her use of a private email server. Trump even used Clinton’s defense of the “two personas” attack, comparing herself to Abraham Lincoln, to attack her by saying, “Honest Abe never lied. That’s the difference between Abraham Lincoln and you.”

Pretty sneaky, Timmy, but under the circumstances you did the best you could!

Watch the clip below:


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