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Rush Limbaugh has a question for backstabbing anti-Trump Republicans running for Congress

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Benedict Arnold’s got nothing on today’s so-called “conservative” leadership. Seemingly afraid of their own shadow, Republican “leaders” who pretend to have never heard a curse word uttered in their presence are abandoning or – if they never “supported” him in the first place – piling on Republican nominee Donald Trump, the only man who has any shot at keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House, like rats on a sinking ship.

Except the ship isn’t sinking, and last I heard there are still several weeks until election day. So, does Paul Ryan and his ilk truly believe the American people should put THEM in office when they are so hellbent on a Hillary Clinton Presidency?

On his Facebook page Tuesday, radio host Rush Limbaugh nailed these weak-kneed, cowardly, turncoat Republicans to the wall with this simple question, a question that has gone completely viral:

“I have a question for Republicans running for the House and the Senate,” Rush said. “I’m asking this question with genuine sincerity: Why should people vote for you? It’s clear that you don’t want to stop Hillary Clinton. It is clear that many of you do not want to try to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. So if it’s not important to keep her out of the White House, why is it important to elect you?”


So far, none of the turncoats seem willing to answer Rush’s question, and somehow I doubt they ever will.

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Scott Morefield


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