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Reporter who shocked us by quitting on-air to protest pot laws now faces 50 years in jail for her admission

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An Alaskan reporter who quit her job on live television in Sept. 2014 in protest of the state’s marijuana laws is now facing decades in jail.

Charlo Greene, who announced on air that she was the owner of a cannabis club, campaigned statewide for legalization of marijuana after she quit her job at KTVA.


Now, even though Alaska legalized marijuana for adults in Feb. 2015, Greene has been charged with 14 counts of drug possession in connection with her running of the club.

If convicted she faces a maximum penalty of 54 years in prison.



“I just found out I’m facing an additional 6 felonies – 30 more years,” she told her Facebook followers last week in a live video.

“That 54 years in prison for a plant,” she said.

Carmine Sabia


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