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Hillary cancels joint events with Bernie; forced to address ‘basement-dwellers’ she maligned alone

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Following leaked audio that showed Hillary Clinton mocked Bernie Sanders supporters behind closed doors, the pair have split on the campaign trail.

“Wednesday’s Des Moines stop was added to make up for appearances tentatively scheduled in Iowa on Monday, Oct. 3,” the Clinton campaign said in a statement.

“Sanders will discuss Hillary Clinton’s plan to build an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top, and Donald Trump’s plan, which would benefit himself and other millionaires and billionaires,” it said.

The campaign claimed that the switch was due to a change in Sen. Sanders schedule.

But, coincidentally, it comes days after Clinton was caught deriding he Vermont senator’s young supporters.

“There’s just a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare, that what we’ve done hasn’t gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don’t know what it means but it is something that they deeply feel,” she said in the audio released on Friday.

On Sunday, Sanders defended Clinton’s comments on CNN.

“Well, I agree with her, what she is saying,” he said. “There are young people who went deeply into debt, worked very hard to get a good education, and yet get out of school and can’t get decent jobs … and are living in their parents’ basements. There is a point there.”

Carmine Sabia


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