Walmart workers refuse to make ‘Blue Lives Matter’ retirement cake for cop … because it’s ‘racist’

Workers at a Georgia Walmart are under fire because they wouldn’t make a special retirement cake for a police officer because they felt it was “racist,’ Todd Starnes reported.

The officer’s daughter visited the store in McDonough, Georgia on Sep. 22 to order her father’s cake.

When she showed the bakers the police officer’s flag, a black and white American flag with a blue line, she was old that none of the workers felt comfortable with decorating the cake they said could be deemed racist, Starnes reported.

“I was so shocked,” the unnamed woman told Starnes. “I didn’t know what to do or say or anything. I was trying not to lose my temper or make a scene.”

The woman offered a compromise. A simple chocolate icing with a blue line across it, but was again rebuffed.

“One of the bakers told me the design could be perceived as racist and nobody feels comfortable decorating the cake,” the woman recalled.

“She said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable doing this,’” the daughter told Starnes. “I asked her, ‘Is there something wrong with cops?’”

After a third try she left and decided to go to another baker.

A friend of the family posted about the incident on social media and a manager for the Walmart called and offered to make the cake for free and even give a $50 gift card to make amends.

She accepted the offer but none of the three bakers would decorate the cake and the manager had to do it himself, with subpar results.

“I work in retail,” she told Starnes. “If I didn’t want to deal with a customer — and said ‘No’ — I would get fired.”

“It irritates me that in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Walmart was looted and the cops were protecting them,” the officer’s daughter –said. “And you can’t make a cake for the people who are protecting you?”

James Woods was among those on social media who called for the employees to be fired.

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