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These kids have the best reason EVER to skip school and Donald Trump wrote them a note to prove it

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Two grade schoolers were absent from classes in order to participate in the political process. And their note requesting an excused absence was signed by none other than Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Jack Posobiec, special projects director of Citizens for Trump tweeted a photo of the young political operatives holding a Trump-Pence placard with a note asking that the youngsters be excused “from school today, 09/21/2016. They were busy making America great again.”

It’s signed, “Sincerely — Donald J. Trump.”

Here’s a verified Trump signature for comparison.

source: Write Choice
source: Write Choice

Looks legit! And another was in agreement.

For the most part, people on social media loved it.

Posobiec noted that in addition to Hillary Clinton, at least one cable news outlet would no doubt fail to see the humor also.

And you could probably add MSNBC to the list also — party poopers.

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