Kellyanne Conway makes mincemeat of CNN’s spin interview: ‘Are you calling him a liar?’

Kellyanne Conway demonstrated why she’s the perfect campaign manager for Donald Trump Tuesday morning. She’s tough, she’s tenacious and she stays on message.

After Conway directly answered CNN’s “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota’s questions about the release of Trump’s medical records and tax returns, the campaign chief turned it around to Hillary Clinton — and her lack of honesty.

Clip via CNN

“What exactly will he be releasing?” Camerota asked. “His entire medical history or just the results of his last check-up?”

“I don’t know but I’ll tell you what he won’t be releasing,” Conway shot back. “He won’t be releasing the fact that he had pneumonia for the last two days and then lied about it.”

After getting no traction on Trump’s health non-issue, Camerota brought up the release of his tax returns about 3:35 mark.

“When can we expect to see them?”

“When his lawyer and his accountants tell him that he should release them, when he’s no longer under audit,” Conway replied. “He’s made that very clear.”

Then the CNN host asked if the candidate will release something from the IRS proving he’s under audit.

When Conway asked, “Are you calling him a liar?” Camerota observed that “We’re taking his word for it” without such proof.

“And we’e taking Hillary Clinton’s word for that she was overheated and didn’t have pneumonia or that she’s going to be aspirational and uplifting, or that she’s going to start talking to the press again,” Conway said.

“I mean seriously, we’re running against a Clinton and we’re gonna challenge someone’s veracity?

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H/T: Mediaite


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