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Look who just pulled ahead in the new CNN poll! Cough-cough

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The latest national CNN/ORC poll of likely voters has Donald Trump edging past Hillary Clinton by two points, 45-43, in their race to the White House, to be decided on November 8.

This means that the eight-point lead that Clinton enjoyed following the Democratic National Convention has been totally erased.

Significantly, Trump has a 20-point lead among the all-important independent voters, 49 percent versus Clinton’s 29 percent, CNN reported.

Although former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was favored among independents in his unsuccessful 2012 presidential bid, it was only by five percentage points.

Clinton enjoys a lead among women voters overall, but it’s primarily with single women. Trump has a 17-point lead among married women voters.

Trump also comes out ahead in voter enthusiasm. A full 58 percent of voters who say they will cast their vote for the Republican candidate say they are enthusiastic about going to the polls this year. Only 46 percent of likely Clinton voters feel enthusiastic about their choice — a 12-point difference.

On the economy — the number-one issue concerning voters — Trump leads Clinton by 15 points — 56 versus 41 percent.

Trump also enjoys a six-point lead on terrorism, 51 percent to Clinton’s 45.

Oddly, on Trump’s signature issue — immigration — Clinton squeaks past the GOP candidate by two points: 49-47.

The survey also showed Libertarian Gary Johnson taking 7 percent of the overall vote and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at 2 percent.

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