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CNN host goes into full-blown spin control over poll showing Trump leading Clinton

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Donald Trump doesn’t call CNN the “Clinton News Network’ for nothing.

After the network’s latest poll showed Trump holding a two-point lead over Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, CNN host Carol Costello tried to explain the results away.

“I want to delve deeper into this poll,” she told Suffolk University’s David Paleologos. “Because there are so many contradictions in this poll. For example, foreign policy. Mr. Trump has a six-point lead over Clinton when it comes to who would better handle terrorism. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton has a 16 point lead on the topic of foreign policy, so how do you reconcile that? … Foreign policy is different than fighting ISIS?”

Paleologos pointed out that foreign policy “is very detailed, it’s very technical” but fighting the Islamic State has more to do with toughness and “drawing a line in the sand, being strong against ISIS.”

“Here’s another contradiction,” she told political science professor and polling expert Jason Johnson, as if she was attempting to convince herself she was just having a bad dream. “When asked who was the stronger leader, registered voters picked Trump 50 to 42 percent, but Clinton comes out on top by a five-point margin when asked who was better able to handle the responsibilities as commander-in-chief. Why is that?”

Costello did submit that Trump is crushing Clinton among independents as she tried to “put this poll into perspective.”

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