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Black Detroit columnist mocks Trump’s ‘white boy sway,’ but that’s not racist, of course

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A black reporter for the Detroit Free Press used racial slurs to mock Donald Trump’s visit to a black church on Saturday.

In an article titled “Donald Trump got what he came to Detroit for; now what?” that mocked efforts by Trump and Republicans to court the black vote, award winning journalist Rochelle Riley referred to Trump as a “white boy” and employed the tired stereotype that white people cannot dance.

Nobody was fooled.

Everything happened as it was supposed to.

Donald Trump showed up in Detroit and got what he came for: He sat in a black church service for the first time ever. He stood along with a mighty choir and did the white boy sway, occasionally watching Omarosa to see when to clap.

Video from the event shows Trump dancing at the gathering. Here’s the “white boy sway.”


h/t: Gateway Pundit.

Carmine Sabia


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