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Actress Rebel Wilson’s irreverent Michael Jackson joke that leaves them gasping

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Actress and comedian Rebel Wilson went on a music game show and provoked the fans with an uncomfortable joke about deceased pop star Michael Jackson.

Wilson, who is no stranger to making controversial comments that anger both sides of the political aisle, forgot her manners on the Australian show “The Big Music Quiz” Sunday and made a quip that referenced Jackson’s child molestation accusations.

Rebel Wilson Michael Jackson Quip Quiz Show

The celebrities were recounting the first concerts they had attended and Wilson recalled hers as being a Jackson performance.

“I remember at the end they had all these kids come out singing Heal the World,” she said. “I remember being so jealous of those kids. Then later I realized…No.”

The irreverent joke drew audible gasps laughter from the audience, but her teammate was having none of it.

Wilson, who famously stars in the wildly successful “Pitch Perfect” movies, previously ticked off conservatives when she suggested America needed to adopt Australia’s insanely restrictive gun laws and she didn’t make any friends in the liberal camp when she made fun of Black Lives Matter and the Oscars So White controversy.

The joke was a little on the lame side, but the Aussie is a non-partisan, un-PC offender; let’s give her credit for that.


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