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Are you concerned about Hillary’s ‘honesty’? This top Democrat sure is…

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Rep. Adam Schiff said on CNN Thursday that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers have him troubled.

CNN’s Jake Tapper told the California Democrat that 59 percent of likely voters believe that the former secretary of state is not trustworthy or honest, according to the latest Suffolk University/USA Today poll, and that those numbers are “almost identical to the not honest, not trustworthy numbers of Donald Trump.”

CNN clip via Washington Free Beacon

“You know, I am concerned about it because I think as president, it means that they’re going to continue attacking her from the first day,” Schiff told Tapper.

“Those numbers are going to make it difficult in the sense that she may not get the same honeymoon other presidents get early in their administration.”

He added that “Those numbers are very surprising to see, because they do not reflect the person we know.

He claimed that Clinton “was widely revered by Democrats and Republicans alike” as secretary of state, but once she became a presidential candidate “there has been a concerted and, I think, quite successful effort by the GOP to tear her down.”

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