If Hillary thinks she scared ‘alt-right’ movement with hate-filled speech… WOW, would she be wrong

Conservative journalist Paul Joseph Watson dissected and destroyed Hillary Clinton’s anti-“alt-right” speech on Thursday in a scathing video.

Clinton used her speech to paint a picture of the right wing as extremists, white supremacists, and racists.

In fact, Clinton dropped the words “racist,” “white supremacist,” “white nationalist,” “white genocide,” “prejudice,” “hate groups,” “anti-semitic” and the name Vladimir Putin again and again as can be seen in the following montage:

She warned of listening to those promoting “dark conspiracy theories” while she spent her entire speech warning against a dark conspiracy.

But, as Watson pointed out, she supports Black Lives matter and doesn’t label them as “extremists,” “black supremacists,” or racists even though many in the group call for the killing of cops and routinely chant “black power.”

“Posting dank memes makes you an evil racist,” Watson said. “But openly praising, and describing as your mentor, a man (Sen. Robert Byrd) who founded a KKK chapter, called black people mongrels and campaigned against the Civil Rights Act, that’s just fine.”

Watson also found it interesting that Hillary also called the alt-right “anti-women.”

“This from the so-called feminist who takes hundreds of millions of dollars from a country (Saudi Arabia) that treats women little better than cattle,” he said.

But what Watson found the most hilarious is that Hillary did the one thing you are not supposed to do with “Internet trolls” as she believes alt-right activists are.

“If the alt-right are trolls, who inside Hillary Clinton’s campaign thought it was a bright idea to do the one thing you’re not supposed to do with trolls, which if feed the trolls,” he said. “You just walked straight into a trap. The people running your campaign are complete f***ing idiots who don’t understand how the Internet works. This has backfired more than any of us could ever dream of.

“Hundreds of thousands of new people are now coming to our websites,” he continued, “Where we’ll continue to educate them about your failing health, rampant corruption and sneering, arrogant elitism.”

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