‘Morning Joe’ blasts Hillary spox for defending Clinton Foundation: ‘Are you really that pathetic?’

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough blasted a Clinton spokesman’s “pathetic” defense of the Clinton Foundation on Thursday’s “Morning Joe.”

Spokesman Brian Fallon argued that the foundation — which has been accused of engaging in a pay-to-play scheme while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state — was necessary to continue combatting AIDS.

“So no, the Clinton Foundation will not be completely shuttering its work even if Clinton wins the presidency and for good reason, they want to continue this work,” Fallon said.

“If any American voter is troubled by the idea that the Clintons want to keep working to solve the AIDS crisis on the side while Hillary Clinton is president, then don’t vote for her.”

“That is so pathetic,” Scarborough replied after a lengthy pause. “You all are not really that pathetic, are you? Are you really that pathetic?”

He went on to tear apart Fallon’s argument.

“You’re going to actually say that if Bill Clinton doesn’t have the opportunity to shake down billionaires, that AIDS will not be cured?” he asked.

Using Fallon’s reasoning, Scarborough noted that “I guess if we’re keeping score at home, I guess Barack Obama is Moses and has the ability to stop the tides from rising, right — in our time.”

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