Obama won millennials in landslide, guess who they’re voting for now? Hint 40% want Hillary jailed

For decades, the Democratic Party has successfully relied on the support from young voters to push their candidates into office. But now that support is crumbling.

The reason? Millennials’ contempt for the Democratic Party’s standard bearer. A sizable number — 40 percent — would rather see Hillary Clinton in “the big house” than the White House.

Public Policy Polling attempted to sugar-coat the results of their survey, taken at the conclusion of both major presidential conventions.

“PPP’s new national poll, taken completely after both party’s conventions, finds that Hillary Clinton emerged with a much more positive image than she had a month ago,” Public Policy begins.

However, getting to the nitty-gritty of the actual numbers, a mere 36 percent of those who were aged 18-29 had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Party, as opposed to 41 percent favoring the GOP.

On the issue of prison time for the former secretary of state, millennials were the only age group where a larger percentage of those surveyed were in favor than those who opposed: 40 versus 39 percent.

The trend of young voters gravitating to the GOP was first noticed in the 2014 midterm elections, as the following video indicates. That had to be a factor in the Republican Party assuming control of the U.S. Senate that year.

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Clip via WHSV.

H/T: Red Alert Politics

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