‘They don’t care what happened!’ Benghazi soldier tears into State Dept, says it could happen again

A U.S. service member who was a part of the security team during the Benghazi, Libya terrorist attack went hard after Hillary Clinton and the State Department for what he says is a failure to even care about what occurred.

John Tiegen, a member of the Benghazi security team, told Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” that the terrorist attack could happen again and lambasted the State Department for failing to investigate exactly what went wrong during the attack.

“The four guys, I don’t think there lives were worth $7 million dollars,” Tiegen said of the State Department.

“I don’t think they were worth $7 trillion dollars,” he added. “You can keep going for all I care because there might be another unit that’re going to end up getting killed because the State Department and DOD (Department of Defense) doesn’t really seem to care to know exactly what happened and how it happened and where our failures and where our positives were.”

Tiegen went after Clinton, reiterating her involvement in the attack.

“She didn’t even call it a terrorist attack until at least Sept. 21,” Tiegen said. “She says ‘No, I’ve been calling it the whole time.’ No you weren’t.”

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