Obama mentions himself 119 times in DNC speech, but one guess how the media reacts

During President Obama’s address Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, he talked plenty about himself at a time when he was supposed to be talking about party nominee Hillary Clinton.

Obama mentioned himself 119 times, using terms like “me,” “myself,” “our” and his third-person reference to a “half Kenyan grandson,” according to a mashup of the speech by Grabien.

Check out the full speech here:

Even worse was the mainstream media gushing over Obama’s speech at the DNC.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams said afterward that “we will not see his kind again,” while Rachel Maddow said “there’s nothing else like him.”

Williams continued his love affair with Obama’s speech, saying it was “so wide-ranging, as a summation, as call to arms as a warning not to embrace fear.” He urged that viewers disregard Obama’s policies and just bask in his presence because “we will not see his kind again.”

Chris Matthews, of course, said “it’s pretty well-known I’ve always gone for this guy,” following Obama’s speech.

Yeah, we know all about that “Tingles.”

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