FL Rep. Alan Grayson’s response to reporter’s question about domestic violence charge was priceless

Florida Democrat Alan Grayson thinks tough questions from the media are something other people should be confronted with, according to his tirade against a Politico reporter who asked about his wife’s domestic abuse allegations.

In the midst of Congressman Grayson’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, the online political news site published a story exploring two decades of domestic abuse allegations lodged against him by his ex-wife, Lolita Grayson. During their marriage, Lolita claims the lawmaker was often violent toward her and there are police records of at least two occasions when she called the police on him.

With the story on its front pages, Politico reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere tried to ask Grayson about the abuse allegations as the congressman was leaving an event in Philadelphia. And by the looks of things, Grayson was none too happy to be confronted.

Not only did Grayson not answer any of the questions, he made a few allegations of abuse of his own by claiming the reporter “pushed” him. Grayson then threatened to call Capitol Hill police on the reporter — yes, even though the incident occurred in Philly.

This guy is a piece of work:

“You’re getting in my way, my friend,” Grayson is heard saying on the video. “You’re assaulting a member of Congress.”

“I’m not assaulting you,” reporter Dovere replied.

As the video rolls, Grayson continued to berate the reporter while walking to the elevators.

It is then that the congressman claimed he was going to sic the Capitol police on the reporter.

“You’re going to accuse a reporter of assaulting you for asking a question?” Dovere asked incredulously.

“No, not for asking me questions, but for getting in my face and being a fool and pushing me as I trying to leave this event,” Grayson insisted.

As the congressman stepped into the elevator he gave a parting shot: “You know, I’m hoping someone comes here and arrests you.”

Later Grayson claimed he told the reporter to contact his office for a comment on the allegations but the Politico reporter insists that is a lie.

“Grayson is lying: he never told me to contact staff. I have the tape,” Dovere told CNN.


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