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BLM thugs block elderly man on DC sidewalk; tell him to ‘take a block for white privilege’

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All the elderly man wanted to do was to travel on foot to his job along the sidewalk — a public sidewalk in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday.

But blocking his way was a group of loud-mouthed, police-hating thugs representing the Black Lives Matter movement, according to WTTG, Fox-5 Washington, D.C.

They didn’t ask — they screamed at him to “walk around.” They wanted him to walk out into the street? No, the protesters had that blocked also — for 15 hours blocking 3rd and 4th Streets near Union Station and the DC police station.

In addition to being elderly, he was white, so he really felt their contempt.

“I don’t want to walk around,” the pedestrian insisted. “I want to walk this way.”

“Use your white privilege to walk around, sir,” one of the BLM supporters replied. White privilege? He’s probalby a working stiff trying to get to his job.

The man eventually caught the attention of a law enforcement officer and explained his predicament. After the officer spoke with a woman who appeared to be in charge, he was granted access, so long as he would “please don’t put [his] hands on the people who are standing here.”

When he assured her he would not, she asked him if he wouldn’t rather “take a block for white privilege.”

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Clip via Fox-5 DC.


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