Obama admin AGAIN refuses to light WH in blue to honor slain officers; response will make your blood boil

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In light of so many cold-blooded attacks on police officers in this nation, one would think the White House might consider giving law enforcement the same tribute they gave the LGBT community after the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling.

Are you kidding?

White House press secretary Josh Earnest made it abundantly clear that, while President Obama may be actively looking for an excuse to make the White House a gigantic rainbow (OK, he didn’t say that but you know it’s true), lighting it in blue to honor police officers isn’t an option.

While Earnest does believe the police deserve “praise” and “respect,” he shut Fox News’ Kevin Corke down cold when asked about it in a press conference. “I’ve asked you about this previously,” Corke said. “It seems to be such a very small but potentially powerful gesture that would take so little and would mean so much to so many, and I’m just wondering if there might be any reconsideration, especially given what has now just happened again in Baton Rouge?”

Reiterating that all police officers deserve respect for their “heroic work,” Earnest made it clear that Obama has no intention of making such a gesture, but he did stress Obama’s other support for law enforcement, which includes going to Dallas for the memorials, giving speeches, and lowering the White House flags to half-mast.

“I think all of this is an indication of just how strongly the president feels about the need to show our strong support for our men and women in law enforcement,” Earnest said. “As the president said on a number of occasions, the vast majority of our police officers do an outstanding job and they do heroic work. They put on the uniform and walk out the door, prepare to put their life on the line at a moment’s notice, just to protect their community, and that is work that is worthy of our respect and praise, and not our scorn.”

Not entirely convinced, Corke pressed, “I don’t know, Josh. It just seems sometimes that there’s this disconnect that despite his efforts, it’s not reaching that community in a way that is reflective of perhaps his intentions. Is he frustrated by that? Because it seems like if you listen to some folks in law enforcement, they don’t feel like they’re getting the kind of support that they need. I don’t know what that looks like. I’m not in law enforcement, and so I’m just wondering do you sense that disconnect and is that frustrating in any way?”

Earnest’s response was that the President has been working hard to bring the country together and realize our common interest.

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Scott Morefield


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