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Things don’t exactly go as planned for armed robber who enters a restaurant – in TEXAS

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A robber learned the hard way why it’s inadvisable to commit crimes in states where a large segment of the population may be armed.

Police were called to a DeSoto, Texas Waffle House Thursday of last week where they found a man in the parking lot suffering from gunshot wounds he incurred after robbing the restaurant and its customers armed with an AK-47, according to The Dallas Morning News.

But in doing so, he interrupted the breakfast of one customer who happened to have a concealed carry permit and had made use of it.

After the robber, later identified as Dallas resident Antione Devon Cooper, 26, left the premises with his loot, the concealed carrying customer followed him out to the parking lot and called out to him.

Cooper turned and pointed his rifle at the customer, prompting the customer to pump several shots into the robber.

The customer was in fear for his wife’s life — she was on her way to pick him up at the eatery.

Cooper was taken to the hospital, where he is reportedly on life support.

There was no need to arrest the customer — he tied everything up nicely for the police, and demonstrated why you “don’t mess with Texas.”

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So how can you tell that you’re shopping in Texas?


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