Insiders claim one man has a ’95 percent’ chance of becoming Trump’s VP pick

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick will most likely end up being a governor whose name was not as widely circulated as others such as Gov. Chris Christie and Newt Gingrich, political insiders say.

According to an exclusive report by the Washington Times, there is a “95 percent” chance Trump chooses Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his vice presidential running mate in an effort to defeat presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Constitutional lawyer and Indiana delegate to the Republican National Convention James Bopp told the Times that Trump’s decision to add a campaign rally in Indianapolis, along with a fundraiser, “made it a 95 percent probability it’s Pence.”

A number of Republicans close to the campaign also say they are now convinced Pence will most likely be Trump’s running mate in the general election.

Up until now, Gingrich was the most likely favored VP choice for Trump, as he recently attended a rally with the former House Speaker where he received a rousing welcome from the crowd.

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