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Before cops killed at BLM protest in Dallas, Obama made unusual announcement about police shootings

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Only hours before five Dallas police officers were murdered by a planned attack perpetrated by a group of Black Lives Matter “protesters” President Barack Obama was lamenting how police in America are targeting black youths. But once again, ignoring the tradition that politics ends at the water’s edge, the President made his pronouncements while overseas.

On Thursday morning the media was abuzz over news of the police-involved shootings of two black men in separate incidents and separate states and President Obama took some time away from his trip abroad to address the incidents.

The White House posted a long Facebook post on the shootings and Obama delivered a speech saying there is a “lack of trust” between the people and police.

But the pronouncements raised eyebrows because the President is in Poland where he is set to deliver an address to NATO. The reason it raised eyebrows is that it has usually been a tradition for American officials, including Presidents, that “politics ends at the water’s edge.” Meaning that American politicians usually refrain from discussing domestic policy when they are in a foreign country.

Obama’s accusations against the police were doubly compounded when only hours later a group of domestic terrorists planned and conducted an all out assault on the Dallas Police during a BLM protest in the city. Five Dallas officer were killed in this act of terror, all ambushed by assailants dressed in body armor and using high powered firearms.

The four attackers were finally tracked down, with one finding his demise via an explosion, reports say.


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