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Trolls pull a major one over on Hillary with hilarious selfie she won’t be laughing at

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*Editor’s Note: It has come to BPR’s attention that the captioned photo featured in this story was not authenticated by Fox News and the young women featured in the picture were not the ones to caption the photo mocking Hillary Clinton.

The girls’ father wrote to BPR stating the article was based on a “’Fox & Friends’ lie.” He informed us that it was his daughters who were trolled when someone added the text to their selfie with Clinton.

BPR regrets posting inaccurate information and apologizes for the confusion. 

Hillary Clinton thought she was taking a picture with fans until the unexpected happened and the photo went viral — for all the wrong reasons.

The girls in the photo found themselves in a media storm after someone used it to troll Hillary. It was originally reported by “Fox & Friends” that the girls were the ones who did the trolling  (see editor’s note above).

Check it out:

Naturally, the Twitter-sphere went wild with the hilarious trolling: (Warning for strong language.) 

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