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‘It’s about my religion!’ Muslim taxi driver refuses to drive blind man with guide dog

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This British Muslim taxi driver is taking intolerance to an entire new level.

While Charles Bloch, his guide dog Carlo and his girlfriend Jessica Graham were hailing a taxi driver to get a ride, they were immediately denied by a Muslim man who said he wouldn’t take them because of their dog, according to the Daily Mail.

Graham, who along with Bloch is a registered blind person, shot the footage on her phone in Leicester, England.

The Muslim driver can be heard saying “Me, I do not take the dog. It’s a choice for me. For me, it’s about my religion.”

Then, Bloch pointed out the law, saying “By law you can’t deny us…it’s against the disability act of 1995,” but the Muslim man still refused to take them.

Check out the unbelievable footage here:

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