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Grandma takes aim at 3 home intruders and let’s just say… the rest is history

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An armed grandma garnered praise and amazement by facing down three home invaders saying, “I decided that it’s either them or me.”

On Tuesday, June 28, a Boynton Beach, Florida, resident said she heard some commotion outside her front door.

According to CBS 12 in West Palm Beach, the resident heard one of the invaders “banging” on her door and ringing her doorbell late that night. Through the security peephole she saw the suspect leave. But soon he returned, this time with his T-shirt over his head. The woman also saw he was “putting on gloves.”

She told the media that it was then she ran to get her handgun. As she ran to he bedroom she said she heard the sound of breaking glass as the thugs began to force their way into her home.

“It was really scary,” the resident said, adding, “I decided that it’s either them or me, you know. I had to save my life.”

After she retreated to her bedroom she raised her gun and aimed it at the bedroom door. The woman said eventually “one of them came to the door here and opened it and when he did I had the gun in his face.”

She laughed saying the looks on their faces was hilarious when they realized they were facing an armed grandma.

“I called them bastards and I said I’m gonna kill you! All three of them started running for the door.”


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