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British columnist NAILS Obama for calling ‘Brexit’ voters racist: ‘Multiculturalism has not worked!’

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Famed British right-wing columnist Katie Hopkins annihilated President Obama after his statement that GOP nominee Donald Trump was stirring up “xenophobia” and “racism” which led to the UK exiting the European Union (EU).

On Fox Business Network, Hopkins told Stuart Varney that Obama was “at the back of the line for people I will listen to anymore,” alluding to the fact that Obama had asked that UK voters support to remain in the EU, according to the Telegraph.

“That is [xenophobia] what has been leveled at every Leave voter is that you are thick, you are a racist and fundamentally, you are stupid,” Hopkins said.

“I don’t think I’m any of those three things, I would refute that we are not thick,” Hopkins continued. “We are not stupid. We are not racist. We just want the Britain that we used to know.”

“Currently, we do not live in the United Kingdom, we live in Ghetto Kingdom, there are ghettos of different cultures,” she said and noted that “multiculturalism” has not worked in the country. She also noted that those who voted to leave the EU are being blasted for simply speaking the truth.

Many Americans can relate.

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