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Hillary’s got Obama endorsement, but she doesn’t have his voters – the media is ignoring this!

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Hillary Clinton is leading in a number of polls against presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, but she’s certainly not getting the support that President Obama received in his 2012 re-election bid.

While women, African-Americans and young voters, collectively referred to as the “Obama Coalition,” combined to help push Obama over the threshold to victory twice, the same is not happening so far for Clinton, according to an exclusive report by the American Mirror.

The most recent Fox News, Quinnipiac, NBC/Wall Street Journal, The Economist/YouGov and CBS polls show Clinton winning on average 46 percent of millennials, 86 percent of blacks, and 50 percent of women.

When you consider polls that add third-party candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein into the mix, Clinton’s numbers drop further, she wins just 43 percent of millennials, 86 percent of blacks, and 48 percent of women.

These numbers should be more heavily weighed considering the Libertarian candidate will appear on the ballot in all 50 states and the Green Party will appear in a majority states.

While Clinton is winning all of those demographic groups, there’s a distinct decrease from Obama’s numbers in 2012 when he won 60 percent of millennials, 93 percent of blacks, and 55 percent of women. That amounts to a 17 percentage point lag among millennials, 7 percent among blacks, and 7 percent among women for Clinton.

Clinton is still expected to take all three groups, but her failure to grasp the excitement of the “Obama Coalition” could be what propels Trump to victory in November.

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