Democrats on Federal Elections Commission outrageously voted to punish Fox News over debate

To show how partisan Democrats are, no matter where they are in government, the three Democrat commissioners on the Federal Elections Commission outrageously voted to punish Fox News with official government action because the network decided to make a few changes to its debate format for this year’s Republican debates. It is the closest any FEC board has ever come to censuring a TV network over debate rules.

According to Fox News, the three Democrat members to the FEC wanted to punish Fox after it decided to alter its format by allowing lower tier candidates onto the stage and to expanding the debates from one to two.

One of the Republican appointees to the board called the move to punish Fox “astonishing.”

“All press organizations should be concerned when the government asserts regulatory authority to punish and censor news coverage,” Republican Commissioner Les Goodman said in a public statement.

Goodman added that TV networks should be allowed to make their own debate rules without fearing a government agency moving to punish them.

“How could expanding debate news coverage from 10 to 17 candidates be against the law?” Goodman concluded.

Fox discovered that three Democrat commissioners — Ellen Weintraub, Ann Ravel, and Steven Walther — actually voted to censure Fox claiming that allowing the lower tiered candidates to advance into the debates was an “illegal contribution” to their campaigns.

Fortunately, the case ended with a tied vote, three to three, and since four votes are needed to take action the case was thrown out. But the fact that these three Democrats moved to punish Fox for purely political reasons should alarm everyone.

What we have here is Democrats once again moving to use the power of government to punish political foes on political grounds instead of legitimate, legal grounds. It is shades of Obama’s IRS targeting conservative political groups with harassment as IRS operative Lois Lerner did.


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