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Look who just took down Montel Williams over freedom of speech

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A Twitter war of words erupted between liberal TV talk show host Montel Williams and National Review editor Charles C.W. Cooke with Cooke bringing the smack down both on Williams misunderstanding of freedom of speech and on his hint that stabbing people is OK if they hold opinions you don’t like.

Williams took to Twitter to comment on the bloody melee between supporters of socialist anarchy and Neo-Nazis in Sacramento, California, where ten people were stabbed over their ideological disagreement.

As Twitchy.com reports, the ball got started in Williams’ court when he Tweeted out a veiled acceptance for stabbing people you don’t like.

On one hand the former TV host says “violence is never the answer” but on the other he seems to cheer for the attacks on the Nazi group. Seems a bit contradictory, doesn’t it?

Williams also tried to make a Constitutional point saying:

But then Cooke jumped in, noting:

Williams tried to turn the argument around as if Cooke was “defending” Nazis.

But Cooke came back smacking him on his clear inability to understand the First Amendment.

Cooke rightfully noted, defending free speech is not the same as “defending Nazis.”


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