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University SUSPENDS College Republicans after hosting gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos

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After the College Republicans hosted conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Irvine, the group was reportedly hit with a year suspension from university officials.

Republicans on campus were interested in holding a second event with Yiannopoulos after the widely popular first event with the gay conservative, but that’s when the news broke that they were being punished, according to Breitbart.

Nearly a month after their initial event with Milo, entitled “Social Justice is Cancer,” the College Republicans were asked to attend a debriefing with the Director of Student Life & Leadership, Darlene Esparza, and Associate Dean of Students, Sherwynn Umali, to discuss the planning process of the event. During the meeting, College Republican President Ariana Rowlands raised the possibility of Milo’s return to campus.

Just four hours after the meeting, a UCI administrator sent the group an email to inform them they had suspended the club for an entire year.

Their justification for the ban was the group’s alleged failure to provide a certificate of insurance for the private security hired for the event to protect Milo. It means the group can no longer hold meetings, reserve rooms, plan events, or function as a club on campus in any capacity.

However, the need for a certificate of insurance appears to be an inconsistent requirement,  as the group previously hosted conservative pundit David Horowtiz, who also required private security, but the group were never asked to provide an insurance certificate, and were not penalised for not doing so. 


Yiannopoulos took to Twitter to show his outrage after with university officials for their non-tolerance towards his events, which generally expose the feminism and social justice as fraudulent.


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